#SOL20 Changes

Experiencing some days

I missed some days of writing due to the a lot of changes in our world. I made it to Florida from Ghana during this time of change. I’m here with my children and in my world life is good.

The days before making the decision to fly to Florida were very tense. I used my spring break days to go to the Ghana police station for a background check. Thankfully I went with a friend. We were whisked to a place for to get the old school ink prints, go here to pay the 60 cedi. That didn’t seem right, but we kept asking if this was for an employer and got the same answer, yes. We tried to call a friend to check their process, we went toward home after we couldn’t reach anyone to ask. On the way home the friend called and everything she described we didn’t do… We turned around and headed back to the police station in Osu. The process of getting back our letter and original prints was an up to the third floor and down again affair. The sweltering day, people looking at us with wonder, “Do they have the virus?”around every corner.

We are finally in the right spot to get the digital prints, a photo and passport check, 130 cedi and another hour and a half and we are on the way. Good thing the friend was with me, we laughed and sweated together. The photo room was a cool relief with the A/C blowing full strength. We are sitting in front of the red curtain, the man processing us is kind and makes jokes with us. I give him a big smile for my photo, no problem. My friend goes to smile and we start laughing during the photo. He keeps taking photos and then stops. He looks at me and says, “Your smile was good, but you, your smile has gone wild!” The next few minutes of comedic relief changes the entire day.

That is Ghana, you just never know what an experience will have in hold for you, but enter with an open minds and heart and every little thing will turn out just as it will.

The letter that didn’t help the first time.

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6 thoughts on “#SOL20 Changes

  1. Glad to hear you are safe in Florida. What an adventure in Ghana, full of back and forths and wild smiles.

  2. Brian Rozinsky

    Welcome back, in all senses of that phrase. I suspect you’ll have more changes to write about in the times to come.

  3. Loved reading about your experiences, every country does it differently! Glad you managed to get out of the country!

  4. Experiences you will never forget. Glad there was some smiling and laughter at the end.
    You made it to Tampa, enjoy your children.

  5. Wow. I moved from Spain to Oregon last July, and I was very exhausted after the whole process. I can’t imagine how has been for you now! All my best in this new stage of your life. I am a school librarian too! Lots of peace, health and patience.

  6. Welcome! In all the hoopla glad you could make it to your destination!

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